Made by Marion

Monday, September 25, 2006

Landmarks 1: The National Grid

This is number 12 in the exhibition called
 Landmarks, The National Grid, which I have posted before, so I am updating it.
Outside the front window I can see a line of huge power pylons, striding like giants over the hill into the distance.  They are visited now and then by the maintenance helicopters, which is always fun to watch.  I like to make landscapes which reflect man-made object as well as natural ones. Everything we do affects the natural world and we should try to always be aware of that.

Friday, September 22, 2006


Size: H:75cm x W:100cm
Materials: Recycled hand-dyed blanket and cotton knit. Linen thread.

In this small rural place, most people work in the nearest city leaving a village inhabited by children in the local school, the storekeeper, the lady doing the church flowers and anxiously waiting dogs. If you look closely you can see the direction of the city.

Although I took photo of local buildings, they don't look exactly like the real thing as I free-hand cut the shapes from plain blanket and the results are a bit wobbly - but then so is our village - it is quite old.

I forgot to add that this piece is currently at Pinnacles Gallery in Thuringowa in North Queensland. It might get chosen to go to a gallery in Brisbane after that, but that is up to the judge.