Made by Marion

Friday, June 20, 2014


These two quilts were chosen by the local paper as illustrations to the review of the exhibition written by their art critic, Sandy Pottinger. She wrote:

"Art Exhibitions, solo or shared, offer the viewer a particular take on the world.
Sometimes we relate to the work because it connecst with our own experience, but when it shows us a fresh  approach to the familiar, our interest is further captured. The Oakey Cultural Centre proved an ideal venue for the recent retrospective exhibition, "Recollections", the work of local  textile artist, Marion Curry.  The pieces, predominantly wall works, present cameos of life, but not necessarily in the literal pictorial sense.
Curry has recycled fabrics that have had a previous existence; clothing, blankets, and remnants given as small treasures, many collected over years of travel to distant and exotic places.
Some materials are rust-dyed, others are coloured by potions brewed from nature's leafy refuse, while some have a pristine crispness.  All have their own histories which Curry has incorporated into her own narrative, a response to the immediate world of her own backyard, or a telling comment on the wider environment.  Memory becomes a shared statement translated through texture, patter, colour, and thread."

Monday, June 16, 2014

Another one of the flower series, this one is called 'Off The Cuff'
and is available for half price, $150 including postage within Australia. The body of the banksia flower is made from a recycled electric blanket and one of the tufts says Made in Australia, which is true to the flower.
The cuff is from a dress which I picked up in an op shop in Toowoomba for $3.00.  When I got it home the label said the wool was grown in Australia from merino sheep, the fleece sent to Italy where it was spun into the finest wool and the dress made in Paris. It was cream wool and the sort of dress the Duchess of Windsor would have worn. I wonder how it got to Toowoomba?
I used every bit of it in various pieces, so it has come home and gone on to another life.  Wool is such a forgiving fabric.

Sunday, June 15, 2014

My exhibition is over and pulled down.  I had thirty three pieces exhibited and eleven sold, so that was a great result.

It also gained a couple of reviews in the local papers and was mentioned on the local radio by the Toowoomba Regional Councillor who is in charge of cultural affairs, Roz Scotney. This mention resulted in a last minute rush by people to come and see it and two more pieces were bought that day.
All the 'flower' series remain except for one, which found a new home with a one-time neighbour who has moved into a retirement village and misses her flower garden.

This is Backyard 1,2 or 3, I forget and it is for sale at $150 including postage in Australia only.