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Monday, June 16, 2014

Another one of the flower series, this one is called 'Off The Cuff'
and is available for half price, $150 including postage within Australia. The body of the banksia flower is made from a recycled electric blanket and one of the tufts says Made in Australia, which is true to the flower.
The cuff is from a dress which I picked up in an op shop in Toowoomba for $3.00.  When I got it home the label said the wool was grown in Australia from merino sheep, the fleece sent to Italy where it was spun into the finest wool and the dress made in Paris. It was cream wool and the sort of dress the Duchess of Windsor would have worn. I wonder how it got to Toowoomba?
I used every bit of it in various pieces, so it has come home and gone on to another life.  Wool is such a forgiving fabric.


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