Made by Marion

Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Fences #V: A Land divided

Size: H:87cm x W: 79cm
March 2002
Price: A$200

This quilt is one of a series made on the theme of fences and how they divide people. In this case the Australian governement passed laws regarding refugees that divided the country. and polarised a usually tolerant society.

I used natural dyes, recycled wool, silk and batting (on top) with various thready. It was exhibited at Dalby in a Flying Arts exhibition on September 2002. As you can see it is for sale as I am having a bit of a clear out. Wool quilts are bulky to store.

Monday, August 07, 2006


Size: 40cm x 32cm I recently read an article by Sarah Burgess in a magazine which was all about creating embroidery using plaster and glue, so I thought I would try out the technique. And this is the result. I was supposed to use plaster of paris but all I had was grouting plaster and PVC glue, so I used that. I think I used too much plaster or it was too thick to start with as there is no way I could get a needle through this. Will try again with better plaster and less of it. I used 4 plaster to 1 PVC glue. The trees on the left are dessicated tomatoes from the garden and the foreground is lentils. Interestingly some colour appeared from one of the fabrics used but they all appeared white to start with. I also put it on a paint canvas and it may be better on a fabric. I like the dimensions you get with this technique, so will continue to play with it as and when I get the time.