Made by Marion

Friday, May 23, 2014

This is number 14 in the exhibition and I have re-named it since I made it. Near my house, there was a horse stud and stable complex where racehorses were trained. It was  huge establishment with homes for the workers and a full size track for training and lots of stable blocks and so on. It was always green, even during a drought and it was also a productive farm, growing food for the horses and running some cattle.
Most of it has now disappeared under a new, very large airport.  Only the name remains, so I called this Wellcamp Downs. in memory of the complex.

It is made from recycled wool, hand-dyed. I used the edge of the blanket for the track sections and my sister gave me some old weaving wool which I used for the trees and bushes.  I used lots of different size stitches to commemorate all the horses which passed through the place. In a short while, horses will be replaced by people coming and going, as this new Wellcamp airport is also going to be a busy, thriving place.


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