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Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Kashmir Memories

Size: H; 98cm x W: 93cm
April 2003

The starting point for this work was a pheran (sort of an overcoat coat) that I bought in Kashmir many years ago. The traditional green of the pheran inspired the use of the Amish colours and these in turn reflect the colours of the highly decorated house-boats on the lake which is surrounded by forests and mountain ranges.

There is minimal surface stitching which is very large, even for me, but there is a lot of invisible stitching to hold the heavy wool onto the backing.

Apart from the green, the wool in hand-dyed as is the stitching wool.
The Kashmiri people carry a small firepot underneath the pheran. It is made from clay and has charcoal in it. Although the pheran has sleeves, most people have their hand inside carrying the firepot and so everyone looks pregnant.


At 2:04 pm, Blogger Terri said...

What an intriguing concept to base a textile piece on. I love that you've used a piece of traditional clothing as the canvas to tell the story on - very appropriate. Just a shame we can't see the stitching more clearly.


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